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Travel to Iran By ( 4x4 / Moto / Camper ) Tour

If you decide to visit Iran by 4×4 / Motorcycle or flight , a country with an old culture, rich flora and fauna and awesome nature, the first and important thing to do is choosing your Iran tour operator. Drive-To-Iran is an Iran tour operator and travel agency that operates the expedition and adventure Iran tours in the style of 4×4 / Moto / Bike / Campers and Fly & Drive.

We have Iran travel packages like : Iran Desert tour (Wüsten Reise) like LUT desert tour , Iran Nomad tour ( nomad Reisen ) as a package of Iran Summer Tour and Iran Winter Tour , Iran Trekking Tour , Iran Wildlife Tour , Iran Birding Tour , Iran Biking Tour , Iran Motorcycle Tour , Iran 4×4 tour as well as special Iran cultural tour like Isfahan Tour , Yazd tour and Shiraz tour . All are with organized plans to provide you the best places and routes. Our tours are held as private tour and group tour in the range of economic, premium and luxury and you can join all tours by 4×4 , Motorcycle or Flight.

How can i get Iran touristic visa ?

Iran tourist visa or Iran visit visa can be obtained as Iran visa on arrival (VOA) or Iran airport visa, refers to that kind of Iran tourist visa received by nationals of some countries traveling to Iran for tourist purpose. Iran visa on arrival usually has 30 days validity and issued at six airports in Iran. You can’t get this visa on the land borders.

Iran visa requirement is : Valid Passport , Application Form , Passport Size Photo , Confirmed Ticket and invitation letter from one of the Iran travel Agency

Buying one of Our Travel Packages you can get Free Iran Visa .The List of our travel Packages can be find HERE .

Iran Travel Advises ( Is Iran Safe To Travel ? )

Iran is generally a very safe and secure place to travel, so much so that many tourists describe it as the ‘safest country I’ve ever traveled to’, or ‘much safer than travelling in Europe’. You might have read a lot about Iran on the Internet and got worried but I really advise you to read the tourists personal weblogs and diaries, too.

Iran Travel Advises :

  • Iran Currency :Rial is the official currency of Iran but what you most probably will face with, would be Toman
  • Iran women Dress code :For women, they must cover their body and hair completely
  • Alcohol in Iran : Alcoholic drinks are totally banned in Iran.

Iran travel insurance

If you have chosen Iran, so you must know that it is compulsory to be covered by a travel insurance to get your visa.

Cheapest travel insurance to Iran : Iran Traveling Center has an agreement with IATI, a Spanish insurance company with a very long experience in travel insurances that you can check and take online .Don’t Forget that by purchasing a Travel Package through us , you will get the Iran Travel Insurance For Free . List of Iran Travel Packages 

When to visit Iran ?

Iran is 4 season country and you can visit this country in all months . if you are coming to Iran for Christmas holidays the best option would be go for Iran deserts and south Islands like Qeshm . Which this LUT desert Tour and Qeshm Island tour would be one of the best and you can also attend in this tour in October , November , December , January , February , March , April

If you are coming in May , June , July , August and September the best option would be one of Iran summer tour .

Can we taste Persian Foods in your Tours ?

One exciting part of all our Iran travel package is tasting new foods. Iran is famous for its delicious dishes. Food has an important role in Iranian culture because they believe that eating good food, will result in healthy body.