Arranging Itinerary
Drive-To-Iran provides you a unique tour plan that includes visiting special places that other tour providers can't perform them. The tourists who travel with us are never worried about the tour plan. Everything is organized and planned in advance and all the passengers can check it. Even if we have to change the program because of unpredicted events, there are back-up plans to be done.
Everything in Roverland is done based on discipline. It means that if we are going to visit some especial spots that need a license, it has been already taken by us. All the ways to the desired destinations are checked before the tour starts. All the reservations are done in advance to prevent wasting time standing in long lines.
On our way, if we need to stay in a camp, the camp location is checked before. This can be done for ecologically camps, too.
To become familiar with the local people and their culture and also taste their foods and know about their recipe, we make an special plan for you. You not only visit the locals from close but also learn about their way of living, products, culture and so on.
We have planned a unique schedule for you that you can't find the same in other tour operators.