Our Camping Equipments
Providing all the equipment you need in your trip, is one of our services which is given free. It means that everyone just carries personal stuff. In our tour, we consider everything that may be needed in any weather condition and every situation for everyone. So if we are going to go outside the city, the equipment will come in handy.
Here are some example of needed stuff by the passengers:
All of the trucks are equipped with fridges and used by cooks to ensure that the materials using for preparing meals, have been kept in a cool place and are fresh and healthy. The ice is always ready for you.
Drinking water:drinking water kept in hygienic gallons are always available.
Bottles for carrying non-drinkable water: these bottles with faucets are provided for the passengers.
Tables and chairs: to eat comfortably your meals, we provide you some chairs and tables.
Charges: there are enough chargers for everyone to plug in their phones or cameras.
Enough space: in all of the trucks, ample space is provided for personal things, so you can access them quickly.
Designed equipment for rainy and windy situations: custom made tents with the best quality that withstands the rain and protect you from being wet.
Foam mattresses: to bring you comfort at nights when you’re getting ready for sweet dreams.
Kettles, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and everything. We also carry gas burners to prepare our meals along with the needed equipment for the fire.
Two way long-range radio for easy communication between vehicles
Brand new GPS tracking system
Rain wear: for the time of heavy rain, we provide you suitable clothes. So you can get out of the cars easily.
Instruments for car recovery: we are equipped with all the needed instruments for car recovery like winches, spare tires, lift jack etc to guarantee your comfort and safety on the way.