Our Full Board Services
One important part of each trip is the food. Having a delicious meal with new friends, in the nature and under the stars is what everyone would desire for.
Here we serve you three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner full board. Dinner is the main meal which needs much time to be prepared. On the other hand, lunch would be a light meal but enough to provide you sufficient energy during the day. Because we prefer to use the day light as much as possible, we have a quick breakfast and lunch. On occasions, we have dinner in famous restaurants of the place we are.
We consider your tastes, and you should feel free to talk to our guides if you on a special diet or can't have some special kinds of food.
In this meal you will have tea and coffee, breads and spreads, yogurts, cheese, Butter, fruits and on occasion if we have enough time for a later breakfast, guides will serve a hot breakfast of scrambled eggs or beans. Breakfasts mostly are served early in the mornings so we are able to start our adventure trip as soon as possible.
To prevent some unpredictable things, it is up to you to give us information about your health situation. It is important that you inform us of any medical conditions or prescription drugs that you are taking such as diabetes or asthma. Because the tour guides are in charge of your health and safety, so with having your health information, they would consider your situation in their plans.
As it was mentioned, all of our trucks are equipped with cooler boxes to keep drinks cool and fresh. It can be also used for maintaining your medicines along the trip. You should put your medicines in a hard plastic, watertight container. That way your medication wouldn't get wet and damaged.
On the way if you don't feel well, even a slight headache, please let us know. Needless to say that in the beginning, you may feel sick because of your body reaction to the new environment. So it would be common. Because we travel to far distances, we need to control everything in advance. So please inform your tour guide about everything you need before the trip started.
Emergency services are extensive in Iran, and response times are very good, 110 is the telephone number of the local Police control center, it is probably easiest to phone 110, as the local police have direct contact with other emergency services, and will probably be the only number with English speaking operators.
Dinner time is the most delicious time of every day. You must imagine tasting Iranian food that you just heard about it. Our cooks are very professional and can make you any kinds of food. There is no problem if you are vegetarian, there is a variety of salads, spaghettis, rice and so on. We provide you excellent foods with great materials and be sure that you never forget the taste of Iranian foods. Traditional cuisine consisting of traditional chicken, meat or fish Kebab with or without rice all are waiting for you.
The only thing that you should do is talking to your guides about your diet, or if you are allergic to something. Even if you don't like the way of cooking some foods, you can say your idea to your tour guides. You also can bring something special that you are interested in, and keep it in the freezer to have it with your meals.