Admission Fee's
In Iran, to visit the tourist attractions you must pay money and take a ticket, except the mosques and holy places. We consider all the costs for visiting every tourist points and have paid them in advance, so you don't need to pay any money. Moreover, in our plan, you won't be taken to the tourist points in the rush hours. That way you won't spend your time waiting in lines for entering. It is good to know that if VIP access is available, it will be done for you according to your request.
Here, there are some places that don't get any money for entrance directly, which means the needed money was paid while the license had been taking. So nothing would be left and everything is prepared. You may visit the old and local houses, and eat something there. All the costs had already been paid by the tour. We consider all of your needs and have planned for them. Needless to say that if you buy anything from local people and the exhibitions there, or if you ask for extra services, then you must pay for them by yourself.