Persian Deserts

When it comes to desert travelling, and desert tours, Iran is one of the most well-known places in the world.
Iran desert tour provides you visiting and enjoying Lut desert (loot), Dasht-e Kavir, Maranjab desert( Masileh playa), Mesr desert, Rig-e Jenn desert,Tabas, Yazd and Isfahan deserts, Jandagh and Gandom Beryan that each of them has its own beauty and history.

Lut desert (loot)

One of the unknown places which is located in the east west of Iran is called Lut desert. The size of this desert is estimated about 900km from north to south and 300km from west to east.
Lut desert is known as one of the warmest places in the world. The heat was reached to 70.7 c in 2005 and after that nothing higher has been recorded for it.

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Lut desert on the UNESCO's list

Lut desert is the only natural spot in Iran that is recorded on UNESCO's list. The breathtaking virginity and its value for geological studies are two reasons for Lut desert to find itself on the UNESCO's list.

Dasht-e Kavir (Kavir-e-Markazi)

The widest desert of Iran is called Dashe-t Kavir which extends from southern slopes of Alborz to the center of Iran. The length of it is 800km and the width is 600km. Vast swamps have encompassed a big part of it and in borders, you can see sand dunes and scattered heights.

Yazd desert tour

If you are planning to visit Yazd, don't hesitate to visit Bafgh desert when you come. Only within a 2-hour ride from Yazd, you can see a really beautiful view of the stars during the night. You can enjoy also camel riding there. Bafgh desert is quite big with sand dunes that you can climb and watch the spectacular landscape of a real desert.

Rig-e Jenn (Rig -de-Jen)

In the middle of Dasht-e Kavir lies a vast and desolate place dominated by enormous sand dunes. This place is called Rig-e Jenn, which translates to “Dune of the Jinn”. A “jinn” is a spirit in Islamic culture and this place was once (and in some places still) believed to accommodate evil spirits.
The existence of a strong wind from west to east makes hills with steep slopes in the east part and hills with gentle slopes in the west. The differences between slopes makes Rig-e Jenn difficult to reach by vehicles.
Maranjab desert (Masileh playa) is located in the western border of Dasht-e Kavir and in center of Iran which looks like a square.

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Isfahan desert tour

If you choose Isfahan as your destination, you must probably know that Mesr and Maranjab deserts are two of the most famous deserts in Iran which are located near to Isfahan and are considered as tourism sites.

Mesr desert

Mesr is the name of an Iranian village in the heart of Dasht-e Kavir,, close to city of Naein which is well-known for agricultural production in the area.
On the road to Mesr desert, you will see three eye-catching spots. The first one which shows up is Amirabad, Jandagh and Farahzad are second and third.
Where even a drop of water is as precious as gold, the well provides drinking and agricultural water for Mesr. By exploring Amirabad, for a moment you completely forget that you are in the center of pure desert. As if you are walking in a village in northern Iran: The weather is enjoyable and cool and the wheat and barley farms are green, especially in the spring.

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Maranjab desert

In the north of Aran & Bidgol city in Isfahan province, a very eye-catching desert is located that called Maranjab desert. The name of this desert stands for a man who tries and suffers a lot to dig a well to find fresh water for drinking.
When you hear the name of a desert, you may picture a place without water and plant life. But it's better to know that because of having good water and food, this desert has a rich flora and different species of animals that surprises every tourist.
Wanderer island is another amazing beauty of this desert. An island that is surrounded by salt marsh instead of water.

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Desert trekking

On a trekking tour to a desert, everyone would enjoy the nights of the deserts most. For escaping the heat and chaos of the city, a desert tour would be a perfect idea to relax. At night when the sun is down, billions of stars glow in the desert sky and make an unforgettable memory in your mind.
Tourists from all over the world come to witness these wonders of Iran's deserts. Iran is a great source of beautiful deserts and welcomes tourists who choose to enjoy both the beauty and silence of deserts in their adventure trip.