Don't Worry - We make your access
Can't you do without the Internet? You always should be in touch and connected? Then you shouldn't be worried because we provide you 24/7 access to the Internet. It is an optional service that we provide you in our tour. You need to check our website and ask for this service.
The Internet that we have for our customers is one of the best possible services by Iranian service providers and has many advantages for the users like:
• Connect anywhere your smartphones, laptops and tablets
• Avoid all international data roaming charges
• Save over 90% on hotel Internet charges
• Powered by the Iran largest mobile internet 4G network
• 24/7 customer support
• Portable device
• Up to 5 device supporting
Being connected all the way gives you the ability to share your beautiful moments with your family and friends, manage your business, check your e-mails and stay in touch with your partners. That way you enjoy your trip and are not behind of your schedule.