What is Iran's currency?

There are two common currencies in Iran. Although the official currency is Rial (Rls), the currency which is used by people is Toman. Each Toman is equal to 10 Rials.
Rial is used in coins, banknotes and official arrangements. Rial is the printed currency but Toman is much more practical in daily life. So, when you need to pay for shopping, taxi or other stuff, you are confronting Tomans, not Rials. People will also abbreviate: for example, if someone tells you something is “4”, they mean 4,000 toman/40,000 rials. It’s confusing in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it.

Iran currency rate

The currency rate is different from day to day thanks to the sanctions. So it is advisable to compare the rates first and then buy Rials. There are a lot of online shops, so you can do the comparison easily.

Iran money exchange

To buy Iranian Rials, the easiest and fastest way is at an official money-exchange office, where the whole deal is done in seconds. Although you can do it at many banks in the cities, but it would take time and need more paperwork. Exchange shops (Sarrafi) can be found in most cities, usually signed in English. If not labeled “Exchange”, look for small shops similar to jewelry stores that have foreign bank notes in the window.
Don't forget that changing money in an exchange shop is much safer than doing so with a street moneychanger.

How To Buy Iranian Rials ?

Because of the sanctions against Iran, major credit cards like MasterCard and Visa are not accepted. Even you can't use the ATMs. So, bring cash or use credit cards issued by local banks in Iran. It is not possible to exchange traveler's checks either. Bank Melli Iran has also provided an electronic debit card for tourists that can be used throughout Iranian banking system.

Is Euro acceptable in Iran?

Euro, USA Dollar, GBP are all accepted in Iran. All you need is finding the nearest exchange shop and get the amount you want. Because only cash is accepted, so we advise you to change your money once and save time. But you don't need to carry all your money with yourself.
Important Note :
Because you always need to have cash with you, we strongly recommend you to carry the money in a money belt which is always safe and available.