All Tour Package Include Round Trip Vehicle
All of the movements done in your trip, since your arrival to your departure will be done by 4WDs. Allocating 4WDs specifically to the passengers is one of our tour advantages that has many benefits like:
1) There are only three passengers in every vehicle that means ample sitting space,window seat and seat belt for everyone.
2) Every vehicle has a driver-guide for its own and he is in charge of performing the tour plan. Needless to say that all the vehicles perform in group and all the vehicles are equipped with 2 way long-range radio for easy communication between vehicles and state-of-the-art GPS tracking system.
3) If the number of passengers is more than three, another vehicle is allocated and during the trip, passengers can change their car.
4) If tourists request for luxe or personalized vehicles, we fulfill their needs.
5) Allocating specifically 4Wds to the tourists in our tour gives the chance of visiting any remote place that it is not possible by buses or mini-buses. Moreover, the tour plans done by us can be very different and unique in comparison to other tours.
It is good to know that the vehicles we provide you, are mostly Toyota and Nissan. Landcruiser is the main vehicle that Drive-To-Iran uses. Not only the vehicles are equipped with the latest immune systems but also are suitable for passing every region without any problem.
It must be mentioned that using 4WDs all the time, doesn't mean that we mostly use off-road ways. In fact we try to drive from the main ways. Off-road ways are only used when we want to go to some specific tourist spots.