Is Iran safe to travel ?

When you choose us as your tour operator, you should know that everything is planned in advance. We provide everything for you to have a safe trip to Iran. First of all, all the routes have been surveyed by our drivers and used many times for domestic customers. So they are very safe. Our trucks have all the required equipment, and have designed very professionally by our crew. We provide you cooler boxes to serve you cool and fresh drinks and food. You can also store your special medications that need to be refrigerated. Secondly, get sue that you have visited your physician before coming and done your regular check-ups. Not only you should be aware of your health situation, but also you should give enough information to your tour guide. That way we would be able to plan and act properly in emergencies. Finally prepare your medical insurance and be sure that it would work for Iran.

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Iran travel warning

Iran is generally a safe place, much safer than many western countries. It is still a low-crime country. So you should just ignore the media hype and travel to Iran to see hospitable people and fantastic sites and of course pleasant weather.
Before coming to Iran, just get sure that you have got your medical insurance and required information about your insurance company. And also you should know how to cover your body, it means that here we have a dress code.
The other thing is carrying cash with yourself. No ATM is working with foreign cards. Iran like any other country has its rules and regulations but not strict ones for the tourists. We serve them as our guests.
Iran has state-of-the-art medical facilities in all its major cities. Apart from being up to date with your usual travel vaccinations (tetanus, polio, etc) no special preparation is needed for travel to Iran.

Iran tourism safety

To prevent some unpredictable things, it is up to you to give us information about your health situation. It is important that you inform us of any medical conditions or prescription drugs that you are taking such as diabetes or asthma. Because the tour guides are in charge of your health and safety, so with having your health information, they would consider your situation in their plans.
As it was mentioned, all of our trucks are equipped with cooler boxes to keep drinks cool and fresh. It can be also used for maintaining your medicines along the trip. You should put your medicines in a hard plastic, watertight container. That way your medication wouldn't get wet and damaged.
On the way if you don't feel well, even a slight headache, please let us know. Needless to say that in the beginning, you may feel sick because of your body reaction to the new environment. So it would be common. Because we travel to far distances, we need to control everything in advance. So please inform your tour guide about everything you need before the trip started.
Emergency services are extensive in Iran, and response times are very good, 110 is the telephone number of the local Police control center, it is probably easiest to phone 110, as the local police have direct contact with other emergency services, and will probably be the only number with English speaking operators.