Our Drivers
Since the drivers are also your guides, we refer to them as "Driver-Guides" which is enough clear to understand the meaning of the term. Our driver-guides are very friendly and experienced. All of them have passed special courses related to tour guiding and have creditable certificates. They have a lot of information about sights, wildlife, birds, plants and they have also surveyed all the routes before, so be sure that you are in hands of trained and professional guides. To update their knowledge, our driver-guides travel frequently around and discover more and more.
Our hired guides give you various and interesting information about your current location and the final destination so, you would get the most of your holiday in Iran.
Drive-To-IRAN fundamental principles:
• Care of the Land
• Care of the Wildlife
• Care of the Local People
• Care of our Guest
Our hired staff are dedicated to the mentioned principles. We also believe in training, so select the driver-guides that are eager in learning and then sharing their knowledge. It is our pleasure to say that we always get good reviews on our driver-guides and our services from the tourists.
Furthermore, we would like to point out that all of our drivers are permanently hired on a full-time basis as opposed to contract basis.
Our Guides
As it was mentioned before, all of our guides are trained and have got certificates related to tour guiding, that are accredited by Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. So you can be sure that you would be guided by right people on your trip.
As the tour operator, we demand you to have a respectable and nice behavior towards our crew and you will get the same. Adventure tours place enormous demands on our guides due to the nature and duration of the tours, so be patient and if you think there is an issue to talk about, you are always welcome to mention it. The Tour Leader has complete authority on tour and his/her decision is final however you do have our emergency contact number if you feel that you’d like to speak to someone in the office, too.
One more thing is about the information provided on tour, some guests prefer more information, and others prefer less so if you feel that you’re not receiving enough information, or that you’re receiving too much, please let the guides know so that they can do something about it. It is always easier to sort this out on tour than to complain about it afterwards.