Our Trucks
The trucks that carry the tourists include three passengers plus the driver, so it would be four totally. Individual seat and ample leg-room are provided for everyone. All the trucks are equipped with the recovery things like winches, spare tires, lift jack etc. To guarantee your comfort and safety on the way, there is a backup truck in every region to help in the case of need.
Our safari vehicles, 4WD, have air conditioner and seat belts and also the license to carry three ones plus the driver. Needless to say that the seat belts must be fastened along the way and the seats are not chosen in advanced, so you can change your place during the trip. To gain more information, it is better to read our safety card which is kept by the driver or guide.
In every truck, we provide you necessary things from cooking stuff like stove, tables for food preparation to cooler boxes and freezers. We also consider your recreation, so there are also reading materials and different games. For the hygienic aspect, there is enough hand/dish washing liquid. Charging facilities would be there, too.