Iranian foods

One exciting part of each trip is tasting new foods. Iran is famous for its delicious dishes. Food has an important role in Iranian culture because they believe that eating good food, will result in healthy body.
In Iran women are mostly responsible for making food and they do it with care and love. Fresh and organic ingredients are two essential keys to make perfect dishes. Luckily both of them are found in Iran and here, cooks try their best to make nice dishes and create a good memory in tourists' minds.

Famous dishes in Iran

Iran has a variety of dishes and in every part of it you can find special and local dishes related to that place. But there are some famous foods like Lamb Kebab, Ghorme Sabzi, Gheime , Ash ( a kind of thick soup), Dizi, Fesenjoon and of course Rice which is called Polo or Cholo is served with every kind of stew. Everyone who has tasted Iranian rice admires the taste and aroma of it. Needless to say that Iranian people are very good at making different kinds of rice.

What about vegetarians?

Although most of Iranian foods have meat in them but regarding the variety of Iranian dishes, we also have delicious foods for vegetarians. So it is easy to find your favorite food in Iran. Different kinds of vegetable soups, salads and some stews are served only for people who don't eat meat.
Generally tourists have no problem for finding nice and healthy dishes in Iran and usually love what they have eaten.