Privacy Policy
You need to know that your information will be kept in a very secured way. It means that we look at your personal information as ours. We only require data that are useful and needed for filling the forms. You can give contact us through our email. We are 24/7 available. So you can be in touch with us for any purpose, from gaining information about the tour to changing or up-dating your personal data.
Our email is:
Our phone number is:0034-672 260 550
We will stay in touch with you even after the trip, to give you more information about the tours. Needless to say that we only feed you with useful information and in a proper time, so we won't bother you. Even if you don't want us to continue, we will stop immediately.
One more thing is that we don't share your information with other companies or we would surely ask you first. Although the information given to you is only advertisements, but nothing would be done without your permission.