Explore Persian Nomads and Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis

13 Days
Starting City
Finish City
Shiraz or Tehran
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Yes, in the 21th century there is still nomadic life that you can spend an unforgettable night in the company of the friendly nomads and relish an unusual accommodation in a house with a ceiling of sky, a yard of plains and walls of wooly tissue. Your hosts are as lucid as springs in the mountains
By this package we are intended to let you experience of living with Iranian three main nomad named Mamsani , Qashqi and bakhtiari . for visiting these nomads we shall pass through different beautiful cities and villages which we have been selected already to have the best sightseeing and accommodation . In this package you will visit Shiraz city , mamsani nomads and perspolis as well. Then we would visit yasouj for visiting Qashqai and then sanandaj and kouhrang city for the bakhtiari nomads . in the way you will spent some night with nomads , you will live & Cook and rest with them and can visit very unique and spectacular sceneries .
• Visit of the UNESCO world heritage site Persepolis
• Visiting “Margoon” one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iran.
• Visiting 3 nomads Qashqai , bakhtiari and mamsani
• Visiting Tange Boragh, a beautiful valley close to a village with the same name.
• Sleeping in the Nomadic Tents
• Visit Shaikh Alikhan waterfall
• Tasting local wood stove cooked local food, see their style of animal herding and understand their customs.
• optimal comfort by filling the vehicles with a maximum of 3 passengers
• Hiking , camping and trekking in the heart of Persian nomadic area
• Extensive exploration of Shiraz and Isfahan

Flight from your country to Shiraz . Arrival late evening. Welcome at the airport and transfer to the hotel.
You can use Turkish air line and iran air to travel directly to shiraz from Europe without stopping at Tehran .

Shiraz, the artistic center of Iran, is home to not only famous poets such as Saadi and Hafiz, but also numerous architects, reflected in the buildings and gardens of the city. for example, the Ali ebn Hamzeh Mosque with its fantastic mirroring. After visiting the Vakilmoschee with colorful farces, we stroll through the lively bazaar of the city.

Today, we will visit Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the former representative city of the first Persian world empire. The ruins of the Achaemenian palace complex with its high columns and the reliefs from the 5th century BC, Chr. Illustrate the once splendor. A few kilometers to the north is Naqsh-e Rostam with the rock tombs of the then rulers.

On day four, we will drive to yasouj through Nurabad Mamasani and visit Kazerun, Tange-Chogan and Bishapur .
Arriving to yasouj . Yasouj is the center of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, populated by the Lor people of south-western Iran. This city has been inhabited since the Bronze Age.
We end the day at the Yasouj Tourist Complex located at the top of a beautiful hill overlooking the city presenting a stunning view.

In the morning after breakfast, we will leave Yasouj for the Qashqai tents in an area between Sadeh and Eghlid (two famous regions of the province). Spending 2 nights in the Nomads’ tents you will experience Nomadic lifestyle and depending on the guests’ desire, we can do some mountain climbing which surely will be one of the most interesting parts of the trip.
On our way to Qashqai Nomads , we will visit “Margoon” one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Iran.

You will be heading to a very beautiful area with pleasant weather. Tang-e Boragh is a beautiful valley close to a village with the same name. This village is located in a highland region surrounded by green fields around the village, vast forests and gardens especially during spring and summer which creates a pleasant atmosphere for visitors. We will see waterfall, straits, caves and plains all at the same time In Tang-e Boragh .
This village has been a Yeylagh (cool countryside) location for Nomads on their way to Eghlid since two centuries ago. The local language of this region is Lori and Turkish. They are mostly Shia Muslims and their main occupation is farming, ranching and handcrafts. Their products they produce include rice, wheat, beans, apple, peach, yoghurt, butter, dough and curd. Their handicraft consists of carpet and rug.
Tang-e Boragh is a residential village with flat-roofed houses surrounded by gardens and green forests spread on the gentle slopes of the mountain range. At the end of the day, you will be back to rest and relax in your nomadic tents.

It would certainly be nice to stay in a hotel after 3 nights of sleeping in the nomadic tents. This leads us to Shahr-e Kord for a night of fabulous memories. People from this region go back to their Kurd nomad ancestors who moved to this area for the benefit of its green fields and meadows.
With its height of 2050 to 2310 meters above sea level, it is known as the highest city in Iran and that is why it is called the “The Roof of Iran”. Our hotel in Shahre Kord is Azadi hotel which we will have a lunch there as well as rest . then we would go for enchanting lagoon of Chagha Khor .
This is only place that you can find storks beside the fish, snow on the grass and fountain flowing as willows swing as well as you can see them twice in reflection on wetland .

This day we will visit Saman city after breakfast. Locating at the shores of the Zayandeh River. Saman is known for its farming, gardening and tourism attractions.
Saman the city that most of the people are muslim ( shia ) and speak Turkish language has a famous agricultural products are production of crops such as almonds and walnuts. .
There is also valuable ancient site to see like a Zaman Khan Nafar Bridge, from the Safavie period . this bridge is one of the
At the noon our tour in saman city would be finished and we will head back to hotel for lunch. After lunch our destination will be Koohrang. The name of city is come from the "KUH" which means mountain and "Rang " which mean Color and we can translate it as "colorful mountain " .
Yes there is a lots of colorful mountain in this city and around because of colorful vegetation of the mountains of the region
Travelling to Koohrang, we will visit the beautiful waterfalls and springs of the region and head to Dimeh spring for rest and relaxation. In Koohrang we will stay in a Nomadic Camp. We will experience two memorable nights in this camp where it will be possible for them to witness the Nomadic lifestyle and watch the ceremonies and customs of Nomads while having the opportunity of horseback riding, shooting, watching local dancing and enjoying local foods.

On the tenth day we will visit Shaikh Alikhan waterfall and also the astonishing village of Sar Agha Seyed which is one of the most unique villages of the Iranian central plateau and particularly in the Zagros region belong to 600 years ago.
Due to the historical context, this village is known as Masouleh the second. All the houses are brick-built and are located in a way that the yard of one house is the roof of the lower house.
It is interesting to know that the villagers occupation is mainly extracting salt from nearby springs . then the can use it for cooking, livestock, for commercial sale or can be a assumed as a souvenir of a trip to Sar Agha Seyed.
Women of this village make many handcraft products such as carpets, jajims, tents and kilims. Their carpets are woven with natural colored wool using natural shapes, using Lachak and Bergamot designs. However, their main souvenirs are dairy products such as milk, dough, curd, yogurt and butter.

On the eleventh and the last day of our trip we will visit Koohrang tunnel and waterfall as well as Dimeh Spring which is the name of the spring by a village of the same name in Koohrang. It is also one of Zayandeh river’s main branches .
Dimeh which has been listed as a place of natural heritage significance by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran is close to Koohrang and this beautiful spring. Dimeh generates one of the freshest waters in the world, rich in minerals and calcium full of health benefits. Dimeh Spring offers spectacular views and the environment like a beautiful resort.
This village due to its flourishing sites and the excellent surrounding views has always been one of the gathering places for Bakhtiari Nomads and tourists.
This day will be the last day of our Nomadic tour. After Dimeh Village, we will head to Esfahan.

City tour Isfahan to see Hasht-Behesht and A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques, overnight Isfahan.

is your day back to Tehran for flight back to your home country .

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