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Discover the magic and fascination of the two main desert of Iran with this amazing 13 days Iran motorcycle tour and main cities beside a desert of Iran such as Kerman , Bam , Kashan and Tabass in iran Motorcycle tour or Motorradreisen .

There are two vast deserts in Iran,
1- Kavir-e-Lut or the Lut Desert
2- Kavir-e-Markazi or the Central Desert

Which all covering an area of over 360,000 square kilometers.

This voyage is intended to take you to the both main desert of iran to visit the most famous and beautiful places in this region and unique natural attraction like Kavire Mesr , sand dunes, salt lakes and steppe-like plains with date trees , breathtaking Kalut formations and camel flocks and most interesting historical cities beside a desert likeKashan , Abyane , Shahdad, Mahan, Naeen, Kerman , Tabbas , BirJand.

The Lut Desert, or Dasht-e-Lut, is located in the south-east of Iran. Between June and October, this area is swept by strong winds, which transport sediment and cause aeolian erosion on a colossal scale. Consequently, the site presents some of the most spectacular examples of aeolian yardang landforms (massive corrugated ridges). It also contains extensive stony deserts and dune fields. The property represents an exceptional example of ongoing geological processes.

There is also several historical caravanserais which located along the ancient, camel-trodden trade routes and the scorched salt flats of Kavir-e-Markazi and Lut Desert which most of them would be visited .
We will follow the history of old abandoned routes and villages to the four main cities of Iran. We will understand why Kashan, kerman and Tabbas are so different cities in the terms of culture, architecture and even language
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• Discovery moto voyage or ( Motorradreisen ) to Lut and Kavire Markazi, two of the world's most pristine deserts ( Iran off road desert voyage by Moto )
• Discover the mystery behind Lut desert and the hottest place in the earth in Raid style .
• Possibility of rent Moto ( Enduro or Motorrad )
• Visiting star shaped sand dunes in the central Lut desert by off road
• 13-day iran moto voyage to the two great deserts of Iran and the cities beside a desert .
• in the footsteps of Sven Hedins through the dune fields of the southern Dasht-e Kavir
• optimal comfort by filling the vehicles with a maximum of 3 passengers
• Visiting Lut and Kavire Markazi, two of the world's most pristine deserts.
• Visiting beautiful desert villages of Iran deserts with their distinct history and stories
• Visit special villages in Iran Central Desert
• An attractive journey through the ancient Persia, exploring its old civilization

There are plenty of attractions in the city and the surrounding area. Kerman is situated at 1750 meters of elevation and has a comfortably cool climate surrounded by desert and mountains. It is a pleasant city with a central square, a few beautiful mosques and a nice bathhouse. This bathhouse is a 17th-century hammam and is now a museum. You have the whole day to explore the city.
In the evening we go out to eat together and taste the local, well-flavored cuisine of the Iranian south east. We stay at a hotel in Kerman.

After breakfast you will go on a day trip to the medieval citadel in Bam. It is one of the largest adobe structures in the world and was once one of the main attractions of the country. In 2003, the citadel was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake, along with much of the rest of Bam and its surroundings. It has been partly re-built and is definitely worth a visit. we will take a stroll to the old fortress, currently under

We will go toward a shahdad . en route stop in Mahan. We will Meet Sufis who have travelled a long way to pay homage to their Sufi master Shah Nematollah Vali in his shrine.
We will Get relax in Shahzadeh Garden . the interesting point here is that you are in the Persian gardens that is completely depicts a harsh desert at the background and around the garden .
your next visit will be the mud brick Rayen Castle, which after a bam castel is one of the main castel in the area . Rayen Castle is well preserved, despite numerous natural disasters like a earth quake, it is still one of the most interesting sites in Iran. After visiting Rayen Castel we will drive to Shahdad via a scenic mountain road. Shahdad is located at the Edge of Lut Desert and is a last town before the desert of Dasht-e Kalout begins.
We will try to see the sunset at Kalouts. It’s a very impressive sight, a sort of Grand Canyon in the desert. We can say that Kalouts remembering Acacus Mountains in the Sahara in Libya and southern Algeria.
You will spend the night in a camp It will be a very simple night in the open air under a sky full of stars .

It’s a very impressive sight, a sort of Grand Canyon in the desert. We can say that Kalouts remembering Acacus Mountains in the Sahara in Libya and southern Algeria.
You have the whole day to explore the Kalout Desert. We suggest driving to Kalout early in the morning to see the sunrise, and then spending some more time exploring the area. It is better to rest for a few hours in the middle of the day because of the heat.
You will spend the night in a camp It will be a very simple night in the open air under a sky full of stars.

We will drive to Gandom Beryan. The “ Gandom Beryan “ which is located 80 kilometres Shahdad, In the area of “Gandom beryan” that is an area of 200 km and 150 km wide there is No living and is not life and environmental conditions in such a way that there is no planter animal.
Even the carcases of dead animals and abandoned in a GanDom Beryan, in this area, even bacteria will not survive.

There was over 400 volcano in these area and that's why that the area is covered with black volcanic rocks .This region is the lowest of the Iranian interior region and this is another reason for the intense heat.
You will spend a night in camp .

Already the next back to the main road and go toward a Birjand .Having arrived in Birjand taste the local, well-flavored cuisine of the Iranian east. We stay at a hotel in Birjand.

We will go toward a Tabas and on the way we will pass Esfahak village to have a lunch in especially prepared eco lodge . and finally arrived in Tabbas We will explorer Tabbas and visit Cheshme Morteza Ali , Tangeh Morteza Ali and finally accommodate in Hotel in the Tabas or in Esfahak Eco Lodge .

After Having a Breakfast we will head toward a City name Bayazeh that resembles a Moroccan Kasbah, except that it is totally desolate. This village can be an undiscovered treasure for desert lovers.
On the way we will visit Rig Shotoran and have lunch there and finally In the Bayazeh We will visit Bayazeh astel and having a dinner at Hotel Yata and stay there at night .

Today after having a breakfast in the hotel , we will go toward a Central Desert Of Iran and Mesr Village .
On the way we would visit a Garmeh Village and accommodate in Traditional Eco Lodge for a lunch.
This village has the biggest palm gardens in the region and is the beautiful home of the pioneer of traditional local accommodation in Iran, Maziar AleDavood. We will stay at his Ateshooni House for the night.
After that we Today also you have a full day to enjoy the silence and vastness of the desert. You will have the option of riding a camel through the sand dunes. After lunch you can rest for a while and then continue to explore the area.
We will stay a night Ecolodge in the Mesr Village and have traditional dinner there .

Today we will go toward a Kashan . one the way we will pass naeen and visit main mosque of the Naeen and Naeen Cultural and anthropology Museum . The interiors of the Pirnia manor house from the 15th century give a good impression of the grandezza of the old merchant families. The Jame Mosque here is one of the oldest mosques in the country and dates back to 10th century. Nain is also famous for its textiles .
Then we will go toward a a modern camp situated on the border between the desert and steppe, it’s located 45Km south-east of Kashan, one of the main attractions of central Iran and it’s the first and only desert Eco camp of Iran ,you will have a chance to experience safari, visiting Organic Farm ,you can stay in a traditional hotel or in tents which are Equipped with air-conditioning .Overnight Matinabad

After having a breakfast and check out we will go for a Kashan Cultural Visit with its marvelous merchant houses and one of the country’s most famous gardens, The Fin Garden. The most beautiful houses of wealthy merchants are close together in the west part of the town. You can visit beautifully-decorated rooms with colored murals and amazing stained glass windows in the Tabatabi house or nearby in the Abbasi house. The Brujerdi house, the Samovars merchant, has a pretty garden and the most beautiful frescos from the hand by Kamal al Molk, a famous Iranian artist. Nearby is one of the finest Hammams (baths) in Iran . Hammam–e Sultan Ahmed Mir that features multiple rooms of beautifully-colored tiles. You can see the magnificent view of Kashan from the roof of the building .
Visiting the beautiful Fin Garden is the highlight of the city. There is also a small bazaar, and don't miss the beautiful caravanserai and tea house .

After having a breakfast and check out we will driving for few more hours you will arrive in Desert Of Maranjab , a beautiful Desert locatedbeside an old caravansary. For sure you would like to have a beautiful photo and you can go via steep paths and climb up to the ruins of several castles and enjoy a splendid view of the town.
We will stay a night in Camping .

Depend on your Available time coming back to Tehran .

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