Why Us ?
If you make up your mind for paying a visit to Iran, a country with an old culture, rich flora and fauna and awesome nature, the first and important thing to do is choosing your tour operator.
About us
Drive-To-Iran is a company that operates the expedition and adventure tours.It gathers a lot of skilled staff to work on tour services.in Drive-To-Iran, everything is planned professionally. From the roads to the vehicles and the tour leaders, all are chosen carefully to bring our clients happiness and satisfaction. . Our priorities are our customer's safety and happiness. So we try our best to satisfy you with considering every little thing that might happen or be needed.
Why us
Drive-To-Iran is a tour service provider that focuses only on Iran and the region. It means that we would provide you specific services that other tours wouldn't.
We plan every step of your trip in advance. An exact plan includes the time of departure and arrival, the vehicles, the routes, tour leaders, food, recreation and selected sites.
I'd like to give you more information about the company so you will be able to decide why us!
About our tour leaders
First of all, our tour leaders are trained and have creditable certificates and are willing to give you more and more of their knowledge about Iran and selected places to enlighten you. They have a lot of information about sights, wildlife, birds, plants and they have also surveyed all the routes before, so be sure that you are in hands of trained and professional guides.
About our vehicles and equipment
Our vehicles are equipped with the best stuff. There is a workshop outside the city that the trucks are equipped and maintained. Needless to say that the 4WDs are checked periodically to provide you a safe trip. Inside the vehicles are designed in a way to ease your availability as much as possible. Backup team with ready cars are located in every region in case of the need. 4WDs that are at your service since the beginning, only carry three ones plus the driver, so ample leg-room is provided for each one in the car.
How different we are
Tourists mostly like to avoid the crowded and populated places therefore; we consider this need and fulfill it. There are always some problems and differences in ideas in groups and it can be annoying for everybody. With having a few numbers along, this problem is solved. Being in a group of three and with specifically allocated cars, paying visit to special places is very easy and enjoyable.
About the food and drinks
Whatever related to food and its preparation are ready to make you fresh and healthy meals. Our cooks are trained so you don't need to be worried. They have everything and are very choosy about using nice and fresh materials. Freezers and cool boxes are provided to keep things fresh and cool.
About our responsibility and efficiency and security
Drive-To-Iran does care about the clients and tries to satisfy them as much as possible. We are available 24 hours and willing to help you. We welcome any suggestion to make our services better and better. We have established a rigorous maintenance schedule to ensure that the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers is ensured.
Our frame
Being chosen as a good and reliable operator by many international tour organizations, has been happening because of our perfect quality service. . We guarantee a safe, secure and memorable trip for you. The best advertisement for our company is the feedback of our satisfied clients. The feelings of satisfaction and happiness are what we seek for.
Many reasons have been mentioned for you to be able to decide. Let us make you an unforgettable memory of traveling to Iran.