Wild life of Iran

Iran has a rich wild life including flora and fauna. Everyone would surely know that Asiatic cheetah is the representative of Iran's wild life.
More than one-tenth of country is forested, and about 8`200 species of plants are grown there. The land covered by Iran's natural flora is four times larger than the Europe's.
According to FAO reports, the major types of forests that exist in Iran and their relevant areas are: Caspian forests, Limestone mountainous forests, Pistachio forests, Oak forests, Shrubs of Dasht-e Kavir and Sub-tropical forests.
There are also numerous species of wild and domestic animals like: bears, gazelles, wild pigs, wolves, jackals, panthers, Eurasian lynx, and foxes. Domestic animals include, sheep, goats, cattle, horses, water buffalo, donkeys, and camels. The pheasant, partridge, stork, eagles and falconer also native to Iran.
Asiatic cheetah, Caspian seal, Persian fallow deer, Siberian white crane, hawksbill turtle, green turtle, Oxus cobra, Latifi's viper, dugong, Persian leopard, Caspian Sea wolf, and dolphins are endangered animals living in Iran. The Persian leopard is said to be the largest of all the subspecies of leopards in the World.
Asiatic cheetah also known as Iranian cheetah, is an endangered subspecies of cheetah surviving only in Iran today. Asiatic cheetah mainly lives the desert areas around Dasht-e Kavir in the eastern half of Iran, including parts of Kerman, Khorasan, Semnan, Yazd, Tehran, and Markazi provinces. Most live in five protected areas, viz Kavir National Park, Touran National Park, Bafq Protected Area, Dar-e Anjir Wildlife Refuge, and Nayband Wildlife Reserve.

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Touran national park

Khar Turan National Park or Touran Wildlife Refuge is a National Park in Iran. It is located in Semnan province, southeast of Shahrud. With a size of 1,400,000 hectares (14,000 km2), it is the second largest reserve in Iran. The estimated population of Asiatic cheetah living in this park is between 39 and 42 individuals.

Nayband National Park

Nayband Wildlife Sanctuary, Naybandan Wildlife Refuge or Nayband National Park is a National Park in Iran. It is situated in South Khorasan Province in south of Tabas. With a size of 15,000 km2, it is the largest reserve in Iran. It has recently been given legal protection, and the population of Asiatic cheetahs since 2006, was estimated at least 15.

Kavir national park

Kavir national park is another protected ecological zone in the north of Iran that is about 4000 km square kilometers. The diversity of fauna is the reason for naming it "Little Africa". In total 34 species of mammals, 155 species of birds and 34 species of reptiles have been identified in this park.
The mentioned parks are only the famous ones but there are more of them in Iran.
In an expedition tour to Iran, the tourists always pay a visit to these national parks to see the rich wild life of the country. They are delighted to see lots of different species of animals and plants. You can be sure that visiting these parks is in our wild life tour.